US censorship: New Freemuse report published today

Singing in the Echo Chamber
Singing in the Echo Chamber
Copenhagen, Denmark – The new Freemuse report ‘Singing in the Echo Chamber‘ written by Eric Nuzum is published today. The report describes how US musicians were affected and banned after 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq. The title refers to the “echo chamber” of news media. Nuzum will present the report at the IASPM conference on 16-19 February in Nashville.

Soon after the 9/11 attacks, the discussion concerning the long-term impact on
free expression and personal privacy became heated and intense.

Musicians have participated (directly and indirectly) in the public discourse, both through word and song. As a result of their outspoken actions, many musicians have experienced strong resistance, sometimes resulting in censorship.

The new Freemuse report Singing in the Echo Chamber written by Eric Nuzum,
author of Parental Advisory, documents this chapter of modern American history.

Is censorship in the “Axis of Good” good?

Freemuse asked two renowned scholars cum musicians, Professor Reebee Garofalo
and Associate Professor Mark LeVine, some of the complex questions that Eric
Nuzum’s report raises.

If censorship in the “Axis of Evil” is evil, does censorship in the “Axis of
Good” then spring out of good intentions?

Eric Nuzum
’Singing in the Echo Chamber’
Music censorship in the U.S. after September 11
Freemuse, Copenhagen, February 2006
ISSN 1601-2127

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