Gwilym Morus Presents From Bethlehem to Bangor

Bangor (Wales), UK –
While visiting Palestine in February 2005, Gwilym Morus, a Welsh musician from
Bangor, recorded two songs with two talented musicians from Bethlehem named
Mohamed Najem and Waseem Qassis. The three worked together to create two songs
that reflected their own native traditions.

After returning to Wales Gwilym gave
the material he recorded to his friend Luke Evans, who composed another two
songs based on the original material. So that people could hear the fruits of
their work, and to fund a further project in the future, the Fellowship for
Reconciliation in Wales agreed to pay for the production of 1000 CDs. The
intention of the Alternative Information project is to raise money to enable
Mohamed and Waseem to visit Wales in the summer of 2006, so that they can
compose more music with Gwilym and his friends and record an album. “Through this
we hope to create a cultural relationship between one of the most comfortable
countries in the world, and one of the poorest countries in the world, which
continues to suffer in the horrific conflict that’s consuming the region. We
hope that this relationship can somehow promote a little understanding,
compassion and respect between Western and Arabic people

Gwilym will be visiting Bethlehem and the West Bank again this month. A film
crew from the S4C arts program Sioe Gelf will follow his journey back to
Palestine, and his exploration of Palestinian Youth Music Culture. If you are
interested in this project, or would like a copy of the CD please contact Gwilym
directly on: 07765 833954 or by e-mail at

Author: World Music Central News Department

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