Algarve Band Marenostrum Releases New CD

Portugal – Portuguese band

has released its second CD. Almadrava features some songs about the working lives of the musicians and their
forefathers who once went fishing on the high seas. They recall the ancient
tradition of tuna fishing in the Algarve (southern Portugal), a tradition that lasted from the time
of the Phoenicians until the 1960s.

In the album’s eleven tracks,

continue to demonstrate their gift
for bringing together different musical influences. This time they accentuate
the Algarvian Corridinho and Baile Mandado rhythms and blend them with North
African and Cape Verdean music, as well as the frenzied Klezmer music of Central
European Jews. They invited the Cape Verdean singer Maria Alice for “Nha Rosa.” Guinea Conakry guitarist Mamadi participates in “Baile Mandado” and “Fado
da Ilha”. “Blimunde” is very special for the Tavira group as it was recorded during a
rehearsal with Sergio Mestre playing the flutes. Sadly he passed away in the
summer of 2003 and in this number

pays tribute to a generous
friend and brilliant musician who always encouraged and helped them with his
musical ideas and loan of rehearsal space as well as often appearing with them
on stage.

The CD was produced by Nuno Faria, Femando Abrantes and

, and was
recorded at the MDL studios in Pa90 de Arcos and

‘s studio in
Estoi. Almadrava is a production of Condando Azul, licensed to Som Livre. Som
Livre record company have chosen the track “Nha Rosa” as the first promo single.

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