Portuguese Cape Verdean Star Returns to Chicago’s HotHouse

Chicago (Ilinois), USA –
Lura stole the show at the 2005 Chicago World Music Festival and she returns to
Chicago for an encore performance. The concert will be on Thursday, January 26
at 8:00pm. Tickets are $20 in advance / $20 at the door. HotHouse is located at
31 E. Balbo at Wabash Downtown Chicago. Telephone: 312.362.9707. For Tickets and
Info, click here.

The music of Cape Verde-an archipelago 300 miles west of Dakar, Senegal-is a
music of emigration. While the island nation’s best-known singer is

Cesaria Evora
, a young singer born and raised in Lisbon’s immigrant
community is presenting once-hidden Cape Verdean styles to American and European
audiences. Her name is
Lura and she released

Di Korpu Ku Alma
(Of Body and Soul) on Escondida Music on May 17,
2005.The first European colonial town in Africa was founded in Cape Verde in 1462,
three decades before Columbus set sail for the Americas. Cape Verde’s music
reflects the mix of Portuguese and West African roots. But since traveling
between Cape Verde’s ten islands is expensive, the populations on each island
are distinct with their own personality and dialect.

Cesaria Evora
-from the island of Sao Vicente-is known for the
European-inflected mornas and the faster-paced coladeras.
Lura is part of a new generation of musicians rediscovering the hidden traditions of
her ancestral homeland. Her music is inspired by the styles of Santiago-the most
African of the islands, and the island from which her father came; styles such
as batuku and funana.

While they were on tour together,

Cesaria Evora
Lura to write “Tem Um Hora Pa Tude” (“There is a Time for Everything”).

is known for continuing to live a simple life; not impressed by her
late-in-life fame, nor by the European and American cities she has toured. The
song says, “With my beloved, there’s never a time when I don’t have
.” A time for everything indeed. And it is time for America to
hear the voice and passion of
Lura on her new CD.

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