Sweet Norwegian Christmas Eve

Oslo, Norway – Vintermåne has released Søde Julenat (Sweet
Christmas Eve) on Kirkelig Kulturverksted. It is
a soft low-key jazz meets folk melodies to give a wonderfully festive Christmas
record. The eminent Vintermåne trio, featuring vocals, piano and saxophone,
delivers the real Christmas spirit. With folk tunes from Telemark and a poetic
jazz-inspired accompaniment Vintermane (which means winter moon) rises high to
light up the dark wintry nights of Christmas.

Anne Gravir sings a selection of some of Norway’s most cherished Christmas
songs in folk music versions, accompanied by Torjus Vierli’s elegantly soft
piano and Frøoydis Grorud’s melodious saxophone. Since its beginning in 1997 this trio has given Christmas concerts each
December. They have now chosen their favorite songs from their repertoire for
Søde Julenat (Sweet Christmas Eve) . These songs are included: Glade Jol (Silent
Night), Eg syngerjolekvad (I Am So Glad Each Christmas Eve), Her er det ny, som
påjorderik skjedde, I denne söde joletid (In This Sweet Christmas Time), Her
kommer dine arme smaa (Thy Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We), Lussinatti lange,
Mitt hjerte alltid vanker (My Heart Is Always with Jesus), Ett lidet barn så
lystelig (A Small Child So Joyous), Kling no klokka (Ring Now the Bell), Guds
son er komen til oss ned (God’s Son Has Come Down To Us) and Det lyser i stille
grender (Rise up Shepherd).

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