The Brendan Voyage Boxed Set

Ireland – The Brendan Voyage Book & CD gift-set is a unique item
in the Tara Records catalog. In addition to a copy of Shaun Davey’s The Brendan Voyage
on CD it also contains a copy of Tim Severin’s book ‘The Brendan Voyage’ upon
which Shaun Davey based his music.The Book – In pursuit of a legend, Tim Severin staked the lives of himself and
his four companions on following the exact methods used by the seafaring Irish
monks in constructing and sailing their vessel from the West coast of Ireland
across the Atlantic Ocean to Newfoundland. Persuasive proof of the validity of
the Brendan myth, Severin’s hazardous expedition remains a supreme testament to
the resilience of the voyaging spirit in some of the most hostile conditions
known to man.

The CD –

The Brendan Voyage
music is a suite for orchestra and Irish (uilleann)
Pipes played by soloist Liam O’Flynn and based on the book by Tim Severin. The
uilleann pipes represent the boat and carry the listener before the wind,
through ferocious gales, over gigantic waves, through floating pillars of ice…
evoking the journey from a small Kerry harbor to the Faroes, the cliffs of
Mykines, to Iceland, the freezing waters of Labrador and finally, to safe
harbor in Newfoundland.

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