Sonni Balli – Back from the cold

All the time that music enthusiasts have been asking the whereabouts of Sonni Balli, the young musician has been in the UK honing his skill for a comeback.

Since his “Wate Wani Ayera” hit song which he recorded as a member of G-Life group announce his big-time arrival on the local rap-hiplife scene, kicking off a series of performances including the prestigious Miss Ghana final and other events, many observers expected a lot more from Sonni Balli.His considerable contributions to the works of other young musicians on the scene at that time including Slim Busterr (Georgia), Mary Agyepong (Ade Dede) and Lord Kenya (Enwom No), also suggested that Sonni was soon going to be a star.

Then suddenly in 2001 Sonni seemed to have vanished into thin air and for four year, not much was heard of him until last week when his producer Big-B Records dropped the news that Sonni is due in Accra this December with fresh first solo album of 12 songs provisionally titled

Three of the songs, now available on promotional CDs point to the fact that Sonni is still on track following hiplife-rap tradition. His opener “Gyae Ma Menka” is a solid hiplife song with a large dose of rap.

It is expected that along with the release of the new album, Sonni will have a few live performances of his fans after leaving them for so long in the cold.

Source : Graphic Showbiz

Author: little-more