Oslo Gospel Choir Collaborates with Mia Gundersen and Bjarte Hjelmelane on Christmas Recording

Oslo, Norway – Oslo Gospel Choir has made a specialty of
regularly supplying Norway with a charming mix of well-loved and new Christmas
songs that brings a Christmas message of peace and forgiveness. This year they
have enlisted the help of Mia Gundersen and Bjarte Hjelmeland, both dear to
Norwegian listeners for their expressive voices. These two singers have put
their special mark on this production, with its down-to-earth and beautiful
interpretation of the Christmas message.

The theme of the CD follows the long thread from the stable in Bethlehem to
the homeless of our times. It points to the light that came to earth then, and
how the same light can shine in the dark surrounding us today. Lys i mørket is not just the name of the CD, it is also the title of a brand-new Christmas
song written by Tore Aas, the conductor of Oslo Gospel Choir. This new song,
together with such well-loved songs such as “Silent Night”, “Na vandrer fra hver
en verdens krok” (Pilgrims to Bethlehem), “Deilig erjorden” (Beautiful Saviour)
“Det lyser i stille grender” (Rise up Shepherd) are included on the CD. This year the song written by Norwegian artists Ole Paus and Jonas Fjeld “Engler
i sneen” (Angels in the Snow) has also been included. This also applies to “Romjulsdrøm” (Mid-Christmas Dream) with lyrics by Alf Proysen, “I den kalde vinter” (A
Christmas Carol – In the Bleak Winter), an old English Christmas carol
translated by Kari Bremnes, “Himlen i min favn” (Heaven in my Bosom) by Carola
Haggquist and Erik Hillestad, and “Mariavise” (Mary’s Song) by Hans Olav Mork
and Tore Aas. Tore Aas is also the arranger and producer of the CD.

In addition to the choir and the soloists, the orchestra features Torjus
Vierii (piano), Bemt Rune Stray (guitar), Jonny Sjo (drums), Karl Oluf
Wennerberg (drums) and thirteen string players.

Available from www.kkv.no.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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