Rabbit Dance Songs of the Lakota Available for the First Time on CD

Phoenix (Arizona), USA –

Rabbit Dance Songs of the Lakota
William Horncloud is now available on
compact disk. This recording is the newest addition to Canyon Traditional
Treasures, a series of recordings that were previously only available on
cassette tape. Extensive liner notes on Lakota history, the Rabbit Dance and
William Horncloud makes this release a historic treasure.

Originally recorded and released in 1971 (CR6081),

Rabbit Dance Songs of the Lakota
features the singing of perhaps the most well-known and respected
traditional Lakota singers of the 20th century, William Horncloud, of Pine
Ridge, South Dakota. He grew up singing traditional Lakota songs and traveled
the country extensively sharing his songs. He was a much sought after singer
to perform and teach these songs to others to ensure-they were preserved.The Rabbit Dance is a social dance and the only Lakota dance for couples.
The Rabbit Dance songs are always amorous and as with with other Lakota
“love songs” although sung by men, they sing the words of women. Rabbit
Songs grew popular in the second decade of (the 20th century) in response to
governmental suppression of traditional Indian cultural practices.

Rabbit Songs .aren’t as important in the current pow-wow contest scene.
Still, understanding their significant role in the past and their
documentation of developments in Lakota history can add to our appreciation
of these songs that reflect the romantic, sad and lonely, and aggressively
sassy tendencies in our lives.


Rabbit Dance Songs of the Lakota

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