Patrizio Trampetti & New Folk Band Releases New CD

Italy – Alma Records has released Quello che il pubblico non
saprà mai
, the new CD by Patrizio Trampetti & New Folk Band. Quello che
il pubblico non saprà mai
(What public will never know) is the new work by
Patrizio Trampetti, from many years experimenter of new musical and oral
languages, since the time of his collaboration with the Nuova Compagnia di Canto
Popolare and with Musicanova of Eugenio Bennato. The album was arranged by Paolo
Andriolo, (collaborator of Baccini and Pitura Freska) and by Bebo Baldan,
composer and musician who can boast prestigious collaborations within international world music.Quello che il pubblico non saprà maiexpresses the demand to propose a
cultural identity out of the fashion, whose principal aim is that of communicate
without complications and intellectualism, considering both tradition and the
new tendencies, but above all the love for the music and his own heart.
Away from the obvious cliché of the Neapolitan music, Trampetti with the New
Folk Band takes back elements of traditional music but rereads them through new
rhythms and sounds. It’s really particular for instance his interpretation of Un
giorno credi, the song that the Neapolitan artist wrote for a young Edoardo

But Trampetti also contaminates Neapolitan musicality with the colors and the
sounds of other countries. A melting and transversal music, distant from the
fashion, even inter-linguistic, as in the song Portugal in which the Neapolitan
dialect is melt with Brazilian Portuguese, in a splendid duet with the great

Gilberto Gil
. Others important collaboration in the album are those with the
director and actor Moni Ovadia with whom Trampetti rereads “Dance a waltz”, an
old song by Leonard Cohen and with Sir Oliver Skardy in “Italietta”.

[Patrizio Trampetti courtesy of Masar].

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