The Future Reggaeton Superstars

New York City (New York), USA – As an indicator of just how popular Reggaton
has become, the

El Draft 2005
CD debuted on the Billboard Latin Charts at an
astonishing #4. What makes this feat so impressive is that it is a collection of
23 songs from entirely unknown artists, especially in the United States. In
fact, it is the perfect introduction to the newcomer to the scene, while also an
extensive sampler of the wide range of artists and styles that exist within
Reggaeton, itself. Designed by two of the genre’s hottest producers as a way of providing
exposure to these undiscovered talents, the

El Draft
competition was
designed as way of bringing the American Idol model to the streets, with
astonishing fan voter turnout determining the winners. These are the songs
from all 23 original contestants to make the esteemed producers’ cut. This CD represents the best of the future Reggaeton


El Draft 2005

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