This year at WMC

It has been a big year for the growth of World Music Central (WMC). We have gone from an average of 3,500 visitors per day to about 10,000 per day now.

We have to thank the people at at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for the hosting. We certainly would not have been able to provide this site without them.

We have some plans for improvements in the site in the upcoming year and hope
to keep the site growing.

More detailed stats for the last calendar year below.

Total Sessions: 1,800,421
Total Page views: 4,334,598
Total Hits: 17,527,110
Total Bytes Transferred: 142.48 GB

Average Sessions Per Day: 4,713.14
Average Page views Per Day: 11,347.12
Average Hits Per Day: 45,882.49
Average Bytes Transferred Per Day: 381.95 MB

Average Page views Per Session: 2.41
Average Hits Per Session: 9.74
Average Bytes Per Session: 82.98 KB
Average Length of Session: 00:07:12

Author: AGray