Music For Productions officially launches website

Toronto (Ontario), Canada –
, a website that improves the process of sourcing and
licensing music for productions while offering a first-rate music selection, is
officially launching today.

By being the first in Canada to offer key improvements such as: “mouse-over”
music previews with Flash technology; a highly developed search engine; “best
of” collections; and the use of Canadian flags to denote Canadian composers,
Music For Productions (MFP) is focused on becoming Canada’s number one source
for licensing music for productions. In addition, the company is breaking new
ground by being Canada’s first full-service site, offering both a song catalogue
– with songs from indie artists, bands and labels – as well as production music
libraries. With everything an organization needs to source and license music for
productions, MFP provides one-stop shopping to its clients.“Traditionally, finding music for productions has been a time-consuming and
tedious process. Our goal has been to leverage technology to create a service
that is the exact opposite: easy-to-use, accessible and convenient,
” says
Jean Anfossi, President, Music For Productions. “We’ve done all of this while
keeping the quality of music front and centre, assembling a first-rate
inventory. From fast-paced commercials to emotional, narrative films, MFP is
well-equipped to meet the needs of any production

MFP’s “mouse-over” music preview is the fastest way to access and audition music
– faster even than listening to tracks on a CD – and is an industry-leading
feature. Other MFP features aimed at maximizing efficiency and convenience

· A content management application allowing music to be saved in a project
folder or shared with others via email
· An advanced search engine with an “in the style” feature, making it possible
to find music that is similar to a well-known artist or band. Music For
Production clients can also search for music using title, description, keyword,
genre, sub-genre, instrument or composer
· “Best of” collections listing the best tracks from some of the world’s leading
production music libraries including BMG libraries, Megatrax, Atmosphere, Koka
Media, Manhattan Music which are available to Canadian clients
· Canadian flags which help clients with Canadian content requirements to easily
identify music that meets this need.

MFP clients can preview, download and license music from their computer, 24/7.

Registered clients can try music in their productions by downloading Wav
(16 Bit/44Khz) or MP3 (320kbps) files at no charge. Music can be licensed by
completing a licence application on-line, which Music For Productions can
instantly approve. From start to finish, the entire process can be done on the
computer without exchanging paperwork or CDs. “We feel we’ve really
streamlined the process, eliminating time-consuming steps while reducing costs
says Anfossi, “And, clients have the opportunity to be more hands-on,
searching for music on their own without the need for a music consultant

With an emphasis on quality, MFP increases weekly the number of tracks on their
site. As well, in addition to representing music catalogues, MFP is a publisher
with publishing agreements in place with: Canadian label Reinvent Music;
Canadian composers Rob Khurana, Guy Maisonneuve and Yuri Sazonoff; and US
Composer Jay Condiotti. MFP has sub-publishing agreements in the USA with:
Jamnation Songs (BMI); Willow Bay Music (ASCAP); Velvet Vista Music (ASCAP); and
Nashville-based Brock Music Inc. These relationships allow MFP the flexibility
to license music worldwide and to accommodate clients with a range of music

Finding and licensing music for productions on-line is the way of the
future. The efficiencies are simply too great to ignore. By continuing to
provide industry leading innovations while offering a varied selection of
top-quality music, we are at the forefront of this change
,” says Anfossi. “We
believe is an industry-leading experience that is second
to none

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