Mojmir Novakovic i Kries Win Croatian Music Award

Croatia – Mojmir Novakovic i
Kries won the Croatian Music Award – PORIN in the category of best album of original
music for theatre, movie and TV. The album features original music for the movie
Konjanik (Horseman) by director Branko Ivanda. Konjanik is a bonus
CD that goes along with the album Ivo i Mara (Kopito records 2004). Mojmir Novakovic is in a constant pursuit of all that is unpredictable in the
Croatian roots music scene. He is the frontman of the legendary Croatian world
music group Legen. But he also wants to explore other possibilities so he got
together with another group of musicians, Kamenko Culap, Ivo Letunic and
Kresimir Oreski, to form a new group named Kries.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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