Mzbel Returns To Kumasi

Author: Chris Nunoo

Who said Mzbel is finished in Kumasi? Last Friday, the much talked about lady hiplife musician, stormed Kumasi in a characteristic style but under tight security to entertain her fans and other music lovers who trooped to the car park of the Kumasi sports stadium.

This was when the musician performed as part of an entertainment package during the launch of a new tobacco product brought onto the Ghanaian market by Target Link. Coming to the Garden City for the first time after her nightmarish experience at the hands of students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) on October 1,2005, Mzbel treated the impressive crowd to a very good concert under tight police presence in the crowd and around the podium.

In many instances, she moved the crowd with her slow but sure dancing steps and swings as the crowd yelled in excitement.

Dressed in the same clothes she used for the faculty week celebration concert at the KNUST campus some weeks back, Nana Akua Amoah supported by her three cute and pretty lady dancers, were just a delight to watch.

At some point she had to call people from the crowd to do the song for her while she also danced with some of them who were called up stage.

Her confidence and enthusiasm on stage compelled some people among the audience to question how the ever-growing hiplife songstress could still perform in such a manner with the KNUST incident fresh on her mind.

When Showbiz inquired from them why they thought the lady could not come to Kumasi for a concert after the ordeal she went through at the KNUST campus, they explained that coming to Kumasi would not have been a big deal but they were rather amazed at the kind of show Mzbel put up.

To some of them, even though they knew Mzbel would continue with her music carrier even after the “inhumane” incident, they thought she would recoil into her shell for a while after which she would come out when the assault issue had died down.

This, they claimed, was because they thought the incident would have some effects on the music carrier of the lady hiplife musician.

Being very security conscious this time around, Mzbel and her three lady dancers were quickly whisked into a waiting vehicle after that thrilling demonstration.

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Author: little-more