Jazz Goers at Jazz Goa

Author: Les Menezes

Jazz Goa had its fifth concert on Friday October 14 evening at Campal that
stretched into the night and spilled over into the morning with the music
making gaining momentum as the hours rolled by unnoticed and the music
flowed into the hearts of the devotees. This concert was a treat for all
tastes. Three violinists, two saxophonists, a trumpeter and a female
vocalist kept the pace at a high pitch-music live, hot and improvised.S. Harikumar and H.Subramanium ignited the evening with their violin and
ghattam duo reaching a high point with their fusion session with Colin
D’Cruz on electric bass, Lester Godinho on drums and Jazzy Joe on tenor sax
and clarinet. Dadasaheb Phalke awardee, Jerry Fernandes enchanted with his
violin wizardry, the old fingers still weaving the old magic.

Jazzy Joe (bandleader in the 60’s at Calcutta’s legendary Blue Fox), now
touching 80, has the stamina and the tonal power and richness that will make
a young saxophonist breathless just to hear him perform. Music flows out of
him like a bottomless honeypot-sweet, rich, golden and satisfying. And it
spreads to everyone around him, inspiring them to surrender totally to

Dr.K.J.Singh, a keen saxophonist from Mumbai/Pune and Chagras on the trumpet
injected a solid brassy quality to the evening. Hema Sardesai, the
celebrated playback singer, wrapped her glorious voice around "Black Velvet"
as only she can. while Belinda Oliveira added her own brand of
exquisiteness. The young upcoming singing sensation Veaam Braganza delighted
the audience.

Even as Dwane (violin) and Gary and Kirk (piano) displayed their youthful
talents, Elaine D’Souza sang intensely. The evening was dedicated to the
memory of her father, Michael Fredrick, a jazz lover and pianist. Stanley
Pinto ex-managing director of Lintas Advertising, caressed the keys into
loving melodies and composed a song in memory of Michael.
It is difficult to put together a show with such variety and class, it just
happens. George Fernandes, Colin D’Cruz and Lester Godinho, all gifted,
versatile musicians, provided the strong support that was the key to the
evening’s success. They play in any genre, always responding with the
appropriate mix of sonic spice. The featured performers have their shining
glory but these musicians made the evening pulse, rock, shine and catch
‘fire’. Jazz in Goa lives, grows and thrives because it showcases musicians
of caliber in an atmosphere of sharing music.

[Photo: S. Harikumar].

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