Cheers to Goa and Jazz

Not many months ago, there was a general feeling that jazz did not have an
audience in Goa. And that promoting jazz was just like climbing up the gum tree.
Subsequent events have proved that this was furthest from the truth and I must
say with great satisfaction that jazz is the flavor of the season.Which brings us to teamwork. And teamwork that has worked silently and effectively. Sponsors for a start. People who have backed the cause out of a belief that it will work. And jazz has had many of them. The first edition of the Heritage Jazz Yatra, which was held at Betalbatim earlier this month, was a smashing success. and, can we be far behind in thanking the Scape group who came forward to sponsor the event out of their own accord? Or, for that matter, Prashant Joshi who turned everything upside down to see that the Getz car was displayed at the event in a top-flight sponsorship deal? Or friends of jazz such as Seagrams, Fosters, Bacardi and others who have continuously supported the explosive growth? And then, there are individuals who dip into their own pockets out of pure joy only to see that it all worked.

Which is all great news. Great news since this signifies something much bigger than just an evening of jazz. It signifies teamwork, a willingness to back something that is good for Goa and its musicians, a willingness to take a risk to ensure that music which is so close to the Goan heart blooms into a magnificent flower.

And then, with money in the bag, obviously it was the turn of journalists to back the cause all the time and ensure that the sponsors too get their value for money spent, Whether it is the print or electronic media across the country, we have to be thankful and grateful for the way they have nurtured the whole growth. And what about the musicians themselves? Most of them have just been superb in supporting the cause in every which way they could.

Most importantly, all you lovely people who have eventually appreciated all
the teamwork that I have talked about and who have virtually invaded the shows
much to the delight of everyone concerned.

So, cheers to Goa, cheers to Goanness, cheers to everyone of us who make Goa
such a lovely place, full of vigor, full of optimism, full of everything that
makes Goa one of the most beautiful places in the world. And, let us not forget
that it is music and our orientation towards life that makes all this tick.

Since we are right in the midst of the Heritage Jazz Yatra, we are planning
to have these shows at Heritage homes across the state of Goa. Owners of
Heritage houses in Goa may contact me at or with details
preferably with a photograph.

Interesting photographs of Heritage Jazz can be had at

Submitted by Armando Gonsalves,
Gonsalves Mansion,
Goa 403001

Author: armandogonsalves