Heritage Jazz Yatra, Jazz in Goa, India

One of the most enduring aspect of Goan life is the style of
its people, and nowhere is it more noticeable than in music and the homes of
the cultured Goan people.

It was obvious that blending the two would be a successful mix and this was how
Heritage Jazz Yatra was born. Goans have been in the forefront in music for
times immemorial and Goan musicians have done us proud whether it is in the jazz
clubs of America or countless music arenas in India.A couple of seasons ago, no one would have dared even suggest that jazz was
popular in Goa. However, through sustained efforts of many jazz enthusiasts as
well as jazz musicians, Jazz is today the flavor of the season and you will find
jazz hubs in different locations all over Goa, much to the delight of many a
Goan and his friends from all over the world as well as to the joy of having
that extra jingle in the pockets of our talented musicians. Heritage Jazz has
been the leader in creating all this through the love and affection of all

Internationally acclaimed jazz stars seek to perform at these shows and what
better joy can be there than to host these geniuses? Let us all work together to
make this exciting journey even more purposeful.

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