Ladrão’s Music Thievery

Ladrão - Roubando Melodias Batidas & Grooves
Ladrão – Roubando Melodias Batidas & Grooves
Music Thief? Ladrão means thief in Portuguese. According to the artist, Stealing Melodies, Rhythms and Grooves (Roubando Melodias Batidas & Grooves) does not pretend, in any way, to copy anybody. The idea, on the other hand, is to collect and to use all musical influences, creating something with its own personality.

Recorded at home, in a computer, between July 2003 and April 2004, this work
with 15 songs was totally produced by one musician , the “Thief,” who signs 14
of the compositions, the performance of all instruments, and the programming, as
well as the sound mixing and mastering.This project was devised by Daniel Vitarelli, a Brazilian musician from Belo Horizonte, living in Juiz de Fora (MG) Brazil.

With a little bit of Electronica, Jungle, Rock, MPB, Funk and Rap, with lyrics
in Portuguese, the first aim is to publicize and sell this product as independently as it was produced.

Sound samples are available at Contact for shows: 55
(32) 9117-1221.

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