Wax: Ali gets his arms

Wax - Ali gets his arms
Wax – Ali gets his arms
This premier offering from Cameroonian-born singer, Wax, is a magnificent 14-track expression of the artist’s rich and varied cultural influences. “Ali gets his arms” the title track, is a touching social commentary on the often ignored side of war (children), but the album goes beyond social activism into the realm of love, religion, growth etc.

Singing in English, French, Duala, pidgin English, Zulu, Yoruba, Tsotsi-taal,
the album captures the spirit of globalization. Acoustic lovers will revere the
originality of the Wax sound, as he blends contemporary rhythms with his
distinct African persona, soul-searching lyrics and unforgettable melodies to
pioneer a rare collection of earnest music that reaches to every age and race

Tracks to savor are track 3, Thursday (ballad), Track 4, “Ali gets his arms” (worldbeat), Track 5, “Wehim wo” (world) and 6, “Bulu” (afropop). Available in
South Africa: Olimit Records. In Cameroon: Olimit Records.

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