Contemporary Zheng Works

Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada – Two Vancouver-based
artists have released contemporary recordings which focus on the Chinese zheng
and other Asian zithers.

Outside the Wall by Mei Han features new music for Chinese Zheng. Han,
a native of China, performs a new repertoire she composed for the zheng. Her
music is much closer to contemporary classical (also known as new music)
composers than Chinese folk of classical music. Randy Raine-Reusch has recorded Bamboo, Silk and Stone with Jon Gibson,
Stuart Dempster, Jin Hi Kirn, Barry Truax and William 0. (Bill) Smith. In
adddition to the zheng, Raine-Reusch uses a number of Asian zithers including
the Vietnamese dan bau, Korean kayagum, and the extremely rare Japanese
ichigenkin. Raine-Reusch also comes from the contemporary classical and
experimental music field. His new CD features solos and ensemble

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