Brewed By Noon with special guests Marc Ribot/Jim Pugliese

Brewed by Noon presents original music that’s blends modern jazz
and African Tribal Rhythms seamlessly at Barbes, Brooklyn on Thursday, September
22 at 10pm. This concert will feature popular guitarist Marc Ribot and downtown
jazz maven Jim Pugliese on percussion. This special concert will take place at
Barbes in Brooklyn on Thursday, September 22 at 10pm. Barbes is located at 376
9th Street, Brooklyn. Tickets will be $10.Brewed by Noon’s chemistry makes music that is exciting and appealing, blending
soaring lyrics and irresistible grooves reminiscent of Swiss Beats jamming with
Olatunji and Miles Davis. In 1999, Sean Noonan (drum set/drum machine)
collaborated with the Senegalese bassist/vocalist Thierno Camara mixing melodies
and carefully crafted lyrics. Guitarist Jon Madof creates vibrant textures and
harmonic colors that provide a rich and open sound. The musical friendship they
hold is evident when listening to their debut album Look.

Marc Ribot continues to explore the ever-changing terrain of New York’s New
Music scene, working with musicians such as Arto Lindsay, Don Byron, Anthony
Coleman, T-Bone Burnett, the Jazz Passengers, Evan Lurie, the Sun Ra Arkestra,
Chocolate Genius, Bill Frisell, Medeski Martin & Wood, and John Zorn in any
number of incarnations.

Marc has composed and recorded his own brand of Downtown soul music with his
bands, Rootless Cosmopolitans and Shrek. In 1996 he recorded

Don’t Blame Me
, which found a solo Ribot reinventing a number of
American standards. In 1998 Atlantic Records released the critically acclaimed

Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos
, featuring Ribot’s beautifully
slanted interpretations of material by the great Cuban songwriter Arsenio

Recent musical scores by Marc Ribot include Yoshiko Chuma’s Altogether
dance piece, a documentary film by Greg Feldman titled Joe
, a feature film by director Joe Brewster titled The Killing Zone,
and In as much As Life Is Borrowed, a dance piece by famed Belgian
choreographer, Wim Vanderkeybus.

Jim Pugliese is a drummer, percussionist and composer. In his most recent work
he combines years of experience improvising, playing new and experimental music
and world music.

For the last fifteen years, while living in the east village of New York City,
Jim has been improvising and recording with many of downtowns most prominent
composer/improvisers including John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Zeena Parkins, David Shea
and Anthony Coleman.

He has recorded on over sixty CD’s of new music, jazz, rock and movie
soundtracks. Jim has established himself as both performer and composer
throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. In 1993 the new music group
Newband recorded his composition Freeze for the Mode recording label. In
1998 Jim was selected as Artist In Residence at Harvestworks in New York City
where he recorded his solo CD Sonic Soul. He performs regularly with
Philip Glass and on November 23rd, 1997 Avant released the first cd for his
collaborative trio Easside Percussion with Christine Bard and Michael Evans.
This group is about to release their second CD for the Tzadik label.

Thierno Camara (Vocals/Bass): Thierno Camara was born in Senegal. After playing
the piano and flute as a child he started to play bass at fourteen. His first
foray into African music was with the group Sora. Thierno gained recognition
enabling him to play with Senegal’s greatest stars: Thione Seck, Cheik Lo and
Kine Lam. Since moving to the U.S he has accompanied artists such as Ornette
Coleman, Black Mouth South, Greg Osby and Memphis Blake.

Jon Madof (Guitar): Jon Madof was born in Philadelphia. After an early
introduction to music through playing the trombone he switched to the guitar to
explore his love of classic rock. Since moving to New York Jon has formed
“Jewish Power Trio” Rashanim. This popular band has given Jon the opportunity to
work with exceptional musicians such as John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Daniel Carter,
Frank London and many others. Jon is an established downtown player and a
regular performer at New York City venues including The Knitting Factory, Tonic,
BAM and Makor.

Sean Noonan (Drum-set/Drum machine): Brooklyn based drummer Sean Noonan is one
of the most physical drummers you will see today. He has incredible amounts of
energy and creative talent that has enabled him to sustain a successful and
ongoing career. Sean has completed 12 European tours with Thrash/Jazz trio The
Hub and continues to explore diverse genres, constantly pushing the boundaries
of conventional drum-set playing. His recent focus on electronic music has
broadened his ability and allowed him to produce a wide range of diverse

[Photo courtesy of Noonan Music].

Author: egreene04