Carter Family Tribute at Library of Congress Auditorium

Washington (District of Columbia), USA – The American Folklife
Center at the Library of Congress presents: Carter Family Tribute — Old Time
Country Music from Virginia,
an NEA National Heritage Fellow Concert. The
tribute will take place September 20, 2005 at noon, at the Library of Congress
Coolidge Auditorium.

The Original Carter Family was the most influential group in early country
music, recording dozens of hit songs between 1927 and 1941. Made up of A.P.
Carter, his wife Sara Carter, and her cousin Maybelle Carter (who got the Carter
surname by marrying A.P.’s brother Ezra), the group established many of the
conventions of the country music genre, including styles of guitar playing and
vocal harmony that have remained the standard for generations. The Carters also
collected and arranged many folk songs from both white and black traditions,
bringing folk ballads, lyric songs and blues firmly into popular Country music.This year, Janette Carter, daughter of A. P. and Sara, is receiving a National
Heritage Fellowship Award. Janette is a country singer and autoharp player who
has labored for years to preserve the legacy of the Carter Family, and in 1979
founded the Hiltons, Virginia music venue The Carter Family Fold. In honor of
Janette’s achievement as a performer and an organizer, the American Folklife
Center will present a Carter Family Tribute Concert, featuring prominent country
and old-time musicians, hosted by Joe Wilson, former director of the National
Council for Traditional Arts. Featured artists are Dale Jett (son of Janette),
David and Linda Lay, and Debbie Sheets.

[Janette Carter photo courtesy of RCA Records].

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