Desert Cruising in a Dub State of Mind

Rafi Levy - Desert Cruising
Rafi Levy – Desert Cruising
Los Angeles (California), USA – Rafi Levy, an Israeli born guitar player from Los Angeles, California, has released his debut solo album, Desert Cruising in a Dub State of Mind. The album contains 11 tracks that take the listener on a journey visiting Spain, The Middle East, South America, the Caribbean and more.

Rafi Levy has seamlessly bridged the gap between Latin, Reggae and Middle Eastern melodies and created an overall infectious Dub flavor. In Desert Cruising in a Dub State of Mind, Rafi wrote, arranged, produced, and hand-picked talented musicians to accompany his six strings.Rafi has been exploring and studying different sounds and styles, both foreign and timeless, since the age of twelve. “I want to put out my own CDs in different styles and incorporate different influences of mine from all over the world,” the Grant Green, Ernest Ranglin, Jimi Hendrix and
influenced musician explains. “But express it the way I hear and
feel it. I want to create something positive for people

Rafi listens to many different styles of music, and he says he’s always open to hearing new ideas and new music. One can hear a lot of different influences and musical feels and elements in the music he writes. “I’m into playing anything
as long as it sounds good to me and is played with passion, feeling, soul and I
am having fun doing it
,” Rafi comments. “I am not into imitating other people or trying to sound like somebody else. I like to listen to music and learn things from people, but when I come to write music, I forget about every-thing and put all that stuff aside.”

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