O’Shea Irish Dance School Opens in Minneapolis

O’Shea Irish Dance is a new Irish Dance school in the state of Minnesota.
Instructor, Cormac O’Se began his professional career in 1994 when he was chosen
by Michael Flatley to be part of the team of dancers that stunned Europe in the
original performance of Riverdance at the Eurovision Song Contest. Following its
successful debut, Riverdance, The Show was developed and had its World Premiere
in Dublin. Cormac continued touring and dancing with Riverdance for six years,
giving more than 2000 performances, across four continents, to over two million
people. He can be seen in the original film

Riverdance – The Show
; in Riverdance at Radio City; Riverdance, a
Journey; and

The Best of Riverdance
. Cormac was born in Dublin, Ireland, into a family where Irish Dancing is a way
of life. His father, Seamus O’Se, is Chairman of An Coimisiun le Rince Gaelacha,
and his mother Aine ui She is director of Dublin’s renowned Scoil Rince ui She.
Seamus and Aine started their school in 1971, producing eight World Champions
and their students have been part of Riverdance since its inception. The O’Shea
family has been performing and teaching in Europe and America since 1979.
Currently their show Irish Thunder, created by Aine and Seamus, is performing in
Williamsburg (Virginia) and Tampa (Florida) under the direction of Cormac’s
sister Dara O’Shea Delap.

Cormac met his wife Natalie, a native Minnesotan, while working on the first
American tour of Riverdance, The Show, in February, 1997. They were married in
2001 and set up home in Ireland…but Cormac had fallen in love with America and
Natalie was happy to return home. They live in Minneapolis with their two
children, Adrienne and Liam. Cormac is also an accomplished traditional Irish
piano accordionist and plays for feisanna across the country.

The school opens its doors September 14th in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Author: Jay Baby