New Orleans Music Club Looted

New Orleans (Louisiana), USA – Rock band
Supagroup, based in New Orleans, has
reported that its bar/club, The Saint Bar & Lounge, located in the Garden
District of New Orleans, was broken into by vandals and looted. Band member
Chris Lee said the following in an e-mail newsletter to fans and friends: “Reports
are that it didn’t flood too badly in our neighborhood during the storm, but now
the city is filling up with water due to several levy breaches. I’m glad I’m not
stuck in New Orleans right now, but if I were, I’d be wishing I had some sort of
heavy protection. It’s totally Road Warrior- style down there
.”Like the half million people displaced and left homeless, Supagroup have
evacuated their homes and sought refuge from the wrath of Hurricane Katrina that
has slammed into their hometown of New Orleans. Currently sheltered in Memphis
(Tennessee) are Chris and Benji Lee; Michael Brueggen is in Chicago; and Leif
Robinson Swift is in Pineville (Louisiana). The musicians escaped just in time,
not expecting the power of the hurricane to be as strong or as deadly as it
turned out to be.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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