Relief Information to Help Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Music Central
laments the disaster that has struck the southern states of
the United States.
Some of the poorest citizens of the
United States live in
Mississippi, Louisiana
and Alabama, a
land rich in American roots music culture.

American Red Cross
is leading the efforts to provide aid.
Catholic Charities USA is
collecting financial donations to help communities recover from the damage
brought on by Hurricane Katrina. Donations will be used to fund local Catholic
Charities agencies’ emergency and long-term disaster recovery efforts in areas
hit by the hurricane. To contribute to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief
Fund call +1 (800) 919-9338 or send checks to: Catholic Charities
Hurricane Katrina
PO Box 25168
Alexandria, VA 22313-9788

Catholic Charities USA is unable to accept
contributions of food, clothing, blankets and other relief supplies. Our Tsunami
area has links to other charities that may provide relief. Go to:

Tsunami and earthquake relief

In this time of need, one should not
forget some of the reasons why many are now suffering. World Music Central
condemns the deficient planning and lack of concern for the poor during the
evacuation period. While citizens were asked to evacuate on their own, the state and Federal
governments did not take into consideration that many of the poor do not own
vehicles nor do they have money for bus fares or expensive gasoline. A country as wealthy, and with so
many resources, as the United
States could have easily commandeered school
buses and National Guard trucks to transport the poor to safer areas.

The libertarian attitude (small
government, let the market rule) of many government officials in the
United States is truly disgraceful. Their
mind-set of “you are on your own” shows an inhumane lack of concern and respect
for the less fortunate. Citizens should remember these individuals during the
next elections and hold them accountable. They should be booted out of office.

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[Hurricane photo courtesy of NASA].

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