Tubapalooza Part 3 and Slavic Soul Party CD Release Party

New York City (New York), USA – Ron Caswell’s Tubapalooza Part Trois will take place on Saturday, September 24th 2005 at 9pm. It is a free night of nothing but great tuba bands. The concerts will be held at Zebulon, 258 Wythe Avenue (between Metropolitan Ave. and N. 3rd) in Brooklyn, New York. To get there, take the L train to the Bedford Stop.

The first concert will begin at 9pm with Klezmer act Judith Berkson and the East River Orchestra. The Slavic Soul Party CD Release Party will perform its Balkan brass sounds at11pm. Tubapaloozer’s for the night:

Ben Holmes – trumpet
Shane Endsley – trumpet
Alex Kontorovich – clarinet
Oscar Noriega – clarinet, sax
Jacob Garchik – trombone, baritone
Brian Drye – trombone, baritone
Ron Caswell – tuba
Brandon Seabrook – banjo, mandolin
Judith Berkson – accordion and vocals
Matt Moran – tapan, (big drum)
Take Toriyama – snare, dumbek
Rich Huntely – drums
Peter Stan – accordion

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