Fascinating Dance Performance by Prashanti Natya Nilayam

Author: Lakshmi

‘Dheera Santushti’ – A new Horizon For Peace, was a
fascinating contemporary theme very well expressed in the Dance show held on
09Aug at Kamani Auditorium by Prashanti Natya Nilayam.

If the test of the pudding is in its eating then indeed the audience’s response
was the test of this exquisite presentation. The expressive qualities of the
dancing and the values championed by the story have universal appeal.The theme is about the Dilemma of Human survival in this Kaliyuga. The world is
a very troubled and disturbed place today. The Kali Yuga is and has been marked
by wars, natural and man made calamities and disasters. Devastations, unnatural
deaths, wrongdoing and sin are rampant and all pervasive. Under the divine
guidance and inspiration of Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba, Prasanthi Nilaya undertakes
this theme of what is and the only way of salvation and that is an aim at
fostering a sense of peace, well being and brotherhood amongst all human beings.

A success in conveying this message in a very brilliant aesthetic form does
indicate the very dedicated hard work, understanding and good teamwork by this
gifted team. Danseuse Ms Vasanthi Sridhar excelled herself in her bringing
visual delight to the audience with the perfect use of her expressive eyes and
rhythmic body movements. She seems to have that alchemy which communicates
without loudness or over played exuberance. Kudos to her brilliant team of about
7 cherubs who gave very able support in this challenge. Each one of the
supporting young promising danseuses pitched in well and did credit to the
experience. But one should not be alarmed if some from the audience mentions
that this dance aspect contributed only 50 percent of the success of the
show. Then what’s the other 50 percent?

The brilliant music support was an overwhelming aspect in the real enjoyment of
the performance. Vananthi K. Rao with her mellifluous sweet voice and marked by
a high degree of erudition and understanding gave a soulful rendition. The music
had a very pleasant blend of the Carnatic and Hindustani and Vansathi Rao was at
her elements in both the styles. Every member of the orchestra rendered an able

It was an exquisite blend of the visual and audio exposition, which transported
the audience to a unique level of ecstatic experience.

The main themes of the Concept were:

· Homage to Mother Earth
· Anger of the Mother Earth and Pralayam (destruction of the Earth)
· Shanti Dootam-Verses from the Sundara Kandam depicting the exchange of the
signet ring between Sita and hanuman.
· Appeasement of the Mother Earth and Suktams to strengthen the Universe.

Some appropriate visual films were blended in the show depicting actual human
calamities, which have occurred.

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