Homeless in America, a Charity CD by Nashville’s Roots Musicians

Homeless in America
Homeless in America
Nashville (Tennessee), USA – Homeless in America (Freedom Tracks Record, 2005) is an independent CD release which includes some of Nashville’s top session musicians and vocalists. It covers several genres, including country, blues, rock, folk, R&B, bluegrass and Native American. Current issues addressed include poverty & disease, war and violence, taxation, social security privatization, environmental, gun control, and similar issues of importance to all US citizens.

We anticipate the progressive populist content will be appealing to a large percentage of Americans,” says a label press release. “Several conservatives (who question the current war In Iraq and certain other agendas), in addition to moderates and liberals [progressives] in the Nashville area and various cities and foreign countries where we have received some independent radio airplay, have been complimentary of both the quality and content.” Freedom Tracks music is not profiting from this venture–“proceeds above our costs are going back into promotion and otherwise, to homeless and similar charities. We are offering this CD song collection at cost to organizations that may wish to use it for fundraising purposes; including non-profit, activist, student and similar organizations and independent radio and TV stations.”

To avoid further erosions of our individual and collective freedom and to prevent us from falling further down the historical drainpipe toward tyranny and oppression, we think it is important that content representing all sides of the political and social spectrum is heard. We encourage all American authors, songwriters, musicians and others to not be afraid to stand up for the people with lyric content appropriate for current issues of today. Why should we allow clueless fat-cats of the corporate boardroom to dictate what we can and cannot write about and otherwise, perform?

The vocalists who participated in the recording are: Shantel Adams, Jennifer Brantley, Debi Champion, Sarah Crews, Margarette Evans, U.S. Jones, Wicasa Ho Waste’/J.J. Kent, Ronnie Kimball, Kris Koon, Lance Miller, Jaimee Paul, Paul Scott, Dave Smith

The musicians featured are: Bruce Baxter; accordion / Chris Brooks; drums / Tim Calhoun; lead & acoustic guitar / Sarah Crews; acoustic guitar / Tim Crews; mandolin / Bob Hatter; lead & acoustic guitar / Steve Holland; drums & percussion / Wicasa Ho Waste’/J.J. Kent; flute / Bobby King; bass / T.J. Klay; harmonica / Pat Lassiter; bass / Sam Levine; sax, piccolo, flute / Rodger Morris; keyboards / Daniel Muhammad; lead & various guitar, steel, dobro, bass, mandolin / Tony Nagy; bass / Scott Neubert; acoustic guitar, dobro, mandolin / Gene Rabbai; keyboards / Mike Rojas; keyboards / Dwain Rowe; keyboards / David Russell; fiddle / Steve Thomas; fiddle / Dow Tomlin; bass / Steve Willets; keyboards / Bob Williams; lead & acoustic guitar / Peter Young; drums, conga, rattles, bells.

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