Corazón Libre, The Long-Awaited Release From Mercedes Sosa

Mercedes Sosa - Corazon Libre
Mercedes Sosa – Corazon Libre
New York (New York), USA – With a career spanning over 35 years, Mercedes Sosa’s soulful music will once again come alive for fans the world over with the release of Corazon Libre.

This album will be available on Edge Music/Deutsche Grammophon September 13.

Corazon Libre
, was produced by renowned musician, vocalist and arranger “Chango” Farias Gómez with Jorge Giuliano (her long-time accompanist) contributing his
talents along with leading folk guitarists Luis Salinas, Eduardo Falu, and
Alberto Rojo. Using only simple acoustic guitar arrangements to accompany her legendary vocal style, Sosa goes back to her roots and captures the spirit and soul of her homeland.

The album contains folk-repertoire classics like “Zamba de Argamonte” and “Tonada del viejo amor,” but focuses mainly on contemporary songs by Argentine poets and songwriters, whose lyrical and melancholy verses express a great connection with nature. “Todo Cambia” (Everything Changes), a new version of one of her biggest hits, is a very brave and meaningful song that has turned into a Latin American hymn as voiced by Sosa.

The songs also tell of the “suffering earth,” the “forgotten street children,” “lost love,” and the escape into music: “Sometimes I sing ‘Milongas’ when it
seems like life won’t go on
.” Although Sosa just celebrated her 70th
birthday on July 9th, she has not let age get in the way of making the music she
loves. Sosa continues to uphold her reputation with this album by producing a
huge effect with her powerful, charismatic voice- remaining unmistakable more
familiar than ever.

The cover art for the album continues the simplistic theme of the album. It was
drawn by friend and fan Joan Baez who gave it to Mercedes Sosa as a gift in

Corazon Libre

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