Kiosk, Iranian Underground Rock Music Album Released Abroad

Canada – The latest album by Persian rock band Kiosk, Adameh Mamooli (Ordinary Man),
is the first Iranian underground rock music album to be published outside of the country. Combining a stinging social commentary in Persian with
rock music, a new style of Persian Rock has emerged out of the underground music
scene in Iran.

Their CD is already a best seller on and available on iTunes, it has been gaining unprecedented popularity from Persians living in exile.Kiosk is a reunion of old friends made possible by the internet and digital
recording. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered in various basements and
home-studios around the world. The lyrics and music were all written by Arash
the “Adameh Mamooli” , and are based on his personal experiences and
sociopolitical observations.

Translated excerpt from Track 3 – “adameh mamooli (ordinary man)”:

Don’t want to be in love, if it ends in separation
Don’t want to be rich, if it costs my liberation
Don’t want to waste my life becoming famous
Just want to be myself, an ordinary man
(Let’s see if you leave me alone)

The album is available from

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