Filipino-Irish Group Prettier Than Pink Makes U.S. Debut

Prettier Than Pink  - Chop Suey
Prettier Than Pink – Chop Suey
Glendale (California), USA – Featuring three Filipina musicians and one Irish drummer, the Los Angeles-based pop/rock band Prettier Than Pink have just released their U.S. debut, Chop Suey, on Sutton Records.

In the mid-’90s, amidst the clanging and screaming of the Philippine rock scene, the group Prettier Than Pink catapulted onto the charts, landing at No. 1 with the winsome jangle and golden harmonies of “Cool Ka Lang” (“Just Stay Cool”), their first single. Now, when the music world has finally rediscovered the appeal of toe-tapping hooks and actual singing, Prettier Than Pink has been revived after an extended hiatus, this time playing to an international crowd.

In true New Wave fashion, the group has a multiethnic line-up: Lead singer/guitarist Lei Bautista, guitarist Pamela Aquino, and bassist Melody del Mundo are from the Philippines, while drummer Ann Connolly is a native of Ireland.

The crisscrossing of Asian and European blood is exemplified in the music, which
combines the warm melodies of Filipino music with the artistic experimentation,
genre-bending, and post-punk cool of the U.K.

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Author: Ron Sturdivant