Nimal Mendis Concert for Richmond Fellowship Sri Lanka

Top Sri Lankan star, Nimal Mendis, now resident in London, has
flown to Colombo to headline a key fund raising concert for the Richmond
Fellowship in Sri Lanka.

Nimal Mendis will sing his Tsunami Sri Lanka song for the first time on the
island. He is in Colombo to stage a concert to launch his Tsunami Sri Lanka song
The Sea Speaks To You, Earth Mother Crying, War on the Environment, Shanti Town,
The Forgotten People and Master Sir. His participation is towards a fund raising
campaign for the Richmond Fellowship Lanka who are dedicated to rehabilitating
the mentally ill with a view to integrating them to the family and society. This concert will be held on August 7 at the Global Towers, Marine Drive,
Wellawatte, Colombo at 7.00 p.m. A crusader for creative and original song
writing, using the Sri Lankan folk idiom, Nimal Mendis was successful in
influencing many a young lyricist and music composer in acknowledging the wealth
in Sri Lankan folk music and adapting it with western overtones, to bring about
a new identity in music.

On a Decca folk album of Nimal Mendis, Record producer Ray Horricks says “His
work combines an awareness of western melody and harmony with great originality
in his story ideas, while there is a very exotic eastern flavour about his
choice of words. Also he features several unusual rhythmic feelings

The Richmond Fellowship Lanka will also hold an exclusive Exhibition and Sale
from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., which will be on till Tuesday, August 9. The
exhibition and sale which will also be at the Global Towers, Marine Dive, is an
endeavor to promote the craftsmanship of our urban and rural brothers and
sisters. Designers from Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh along with the urban and
rural folk have created the most beautiful and fashionable silks, cottons,
textured fabrics, saris, kurthas, shirts, jewelry, handicrafts, paintings, table
and bed linen and more.

All proceeds from the concert by Nimal Mendis and by the Exhibition and Sale
will go towards the building of the new home at Bopitiya for which two million
rupees is required to complete the construction of the residency, and to enable
the Richmond Fellowship to rehouse their residents after their home was affected
by the tsunami.

Nimal Mendis will also sing his hit ‘Master Sir’ at a Grand Salute to Sri Lankan
Showbiz personality Vijaya Corea at the BMICH in Colombo on the previous day.
Mendis is one of only a handful of Sri Lankan musicians to make it in the United
Kingdom. He has appeared on BBC Television’s ‘Top of the Pops’ in the height of
the 1960s.

Author: asiaradionews