Blissful Virtuous Make History

Blissful Virtuous - Mbira Post
Blissful Virtuous – Mbira Post
Blissful Virtuous made history on Sunday the 26th of June as they became the first band to play at the British Museum in over 250 years. They played as part of the BBC’s “Africa Live” event, itself part of the “Africa Lives on the BBC” season.

They opened up the main stage at just after 10am as the venue opened and began to fill. The 40 minute set included six tracks from their latest album Mbira Post. Roo and Mark called on Tim Bradshaw (lap steel) and Matt Goffee (trumpet) – both of whom played on Mbira Post– to augment the live blissful sound. With Mark on mbira for the duration and Roo playing guitar, keyboards and electronics, the band were tight and dynamic throughout the gig.”We got a call two weeks ago to ask us to open up the event, so it was a race to get everybody together in time for the gig. Mark flew in from Swaziland three days before the gig to prepare with me at the Sheffield based studio. Matt had an easier journey from York and was able to make a couple of rehearsals in between sitting exams. Tim’s journey was a little longer – from Providence, USA – he arrived one hour before the band went on stage.” – Roo Pigott

We’re so happy with how the gig went – we all played well and the live sound
worked really well. The gig was filmed and recorded by the BBC for later
broadcast, and as soon as we walked off stage we did an interview for BBC Radio
5 Live. The audience was great and we felt welcomed and a real part of the day
.” – Mark Bradshaw

In the afternoon we shmoozed with some great people who were also there supporting and performing at the event. Special mention should go to Ms Lindiwe Mabuza and Fergal Keane for their wonderful readings in the incredible Reading Room. We got to chat to them both, and to Wedzerai Zvirevo, Bob Geldof, Gordon Brown and the hilarious Rolf Harris (who took a liking to Roo’s face). So that was nice.

We had a great day, so thanks must go to Tim Plyming, all of the crew at the
event, and everybody who helped to make the day possible.

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Author: charlieti