Mobassik’s Afro Hip Hop

Belgium – Aimed to capture the street life with their African roots, Mobassik’s new album is here to stay as one of the afro universal hip pop classics. This album delivers deep message songs with a clear conscious approach, uncensored lyrics and African chanting in three different languages: Swahili, French and English.

Produced by Mobassik and Zambezi hippos in Belgium, the album is masterfully done to deliver a great musical quality. It is compiled of great songs which transcend global tastes and all songs performed with the well known vitality of Mobassik, which keeps on surprising many.Afro universal Hip Hop and a Mo(re) Basic lifestyle, that’s what Mobassik represents. This urban African/cultural Hip Hop group counts two members: the Tanzanian MC/producer extraordinaire Binara (who formerly worked with X-Plastaz), and the veteran MC/DJ Sibo.

Yet, Mobassik’s versatile style of rhyming and writing may just be a new chapter in the guidebook for Hip Hop redemption. Non-speakers of the language can still appreciate the Mobassik’s syllable play, and feel that they are bringing Hip Hop back to its roots. Their up tempo and low grind beats are ventilating a hopeful and positive attitude which has certainly been tested over the years. All that mixed with hip hop, reggae, jungle, drum & bass beats and African spirit makes it all good!

Bila Mzozo (Zambezi edit) and Fanani wa Kweli, the kinetic lead singles were produced by Zambezi Hippos and Mobassik. “Bila Mzozo” is driven by its infectious, sing songy hook with smooth flow bouncing right along the beautiful beat featuring 72soul. ”Fanani wa kweli” is a straight message song for what’s going on from globalization to peace efforts and from human rights to music industry.

Continuing with the album, “Waambie” (tell them) speaks for unprivileged issues in our societies. This creative flare doesn’t stop there as the album also includes brand new songs such as “Nuages”, “Safari/Voyage”, “Wazazi”, “Lamgambo”, “Afro soul” and “For me”.

Inspired by Marvin Gaye attempts on “what’s going on”, “Nuages” continues where “Fanani wa Kweli” left: the big bridge between rich and poor, freedom, corruption and globalisation.

Mobassik takes lyrical and musical expedition in a ‘lay back style’ with “Lamgambo” which was a warrior song during slavery. The song also talks about representing your culture to the outside world without fear. Three different artists from three different cultures, share their cultural backgrounds and passion for music to make this song.

“For me” is another dedication to the freedom and peace fighters all over the globe. Written during civil wars in Rwanda, Uganda, Congo and Burundi, “For Me” is a sincere message to those who were and still are suffering. “Wazazi” is a special tribute to all parents all over the world.

“Safari/voyage” reminds us that no matter what we do and possess, we can never be sure of life. So we better be aware of what we do before it all falls down. Slowly, the album is ending with “Afro soul”, a beautiful piece of music without words which speaks for itself.

Mobassik’s first album is finally here after a long wait.

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Author: andy66