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Khan Dagar - The Dhrupad of the Dagar Bani
Khan Dagar – The Dhrupad of the Dagar Bani
Italy – 3Llune Records has two new recordings of music from India. The first is The Dhrupad of the Dagar Bani by Khan Dagar. Dhrupad is a vocal and instrumental genre pertaining to the classical tradition of Northern India. The Khan Dagar family is the longest-living family that the history of Indian music recollects. The recording was made in New Delhi on May 2002.

The other release is Selected Songs: Rabindranath Tagore by Reba Som. On this album, the universality of Tagore’s poetic feeling is highlighted by the voice of Reba Som, Rashmi Bhatt (tabla) and Kamal Sabri (sarangi).

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