Kadero Presents a New Vision of Rai

Vienna, Austria – The Austrian independent label Atlas Music

‘s first European album, Perdu, which was released in April
2005 in Vienna, Austria. In his twelve very distinctive compositions Kadero
unfolds the entire magic of raї and develops it into an electrifying mix of
afro, jazz, reggae and European pop. Raї originates from the folk music of the Northern border region of Morocco
and Algeria. Born in 1972 in the Moroccan city of Oujda, close to the Algerian
border, Kadero grew up in the center of raї. In his songs he speaks with his
expressive voice about the different ways of how a person with an open heart can
get lost. The spicy rhythm leaves no doubt that in the end the songs are full of

Among the 18 musicians who enriched the album with their artistic inspiration
and incredible commitment are well-known artists: Karl Ritter on the guitar,
Zawinul-bass player Linley Marthe, and accordion virtuoso Otto Lechner.

The CD is available from www.kadero.net.

Author: transbalkanica