Catalan Cobla Made in The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – The world-famous Llibre Vermell has a new version, recorded by Cobla La Principal d’Amsterdam. It is the only cobla in the world outside of Catalonia. The orchestra asked composers Oliver Boekhoorn and David Dramm to make a new arrangement of this music, in collaboration with the Egidius Kwartet, four male singers who also are part of Ton Koopman’s famous Amsterdam Baroque Choir. The CD of this arrangement is now available on the Dutch label Etcetera. The CD booklet includes liner notes in English, Catalan and Dutch. Cobla La Principal d’Amsterdam was founded in 1987 by a number of Dutch professional musicians after the example of the Catalan coblas. Originally, these are street orchestras that accompany the age-old sardana, which is the dance of the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia and the region around the city of Perpignan in the south-east of France.

La Principal d’Amsterdam is unique in that it is the only non-Catalan cobla in the world.

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