Flamenco Percussion DVD

Barcelona, Spain –
Ventilador Music has released an
educational video titled La percusión en el Flamenco [Flamenco
percussion] (DVB300), by Nan Mercader. It’s designed to be an essential tool to
learn about Flamenco beats. It includes an analysis of Flamenco rhythms (palos) flamencos,
including palmas (handclapping percussion); a section dedicated to the cajón
with sounds, exercises and guides to play bulerias, tangos,
tanguillos and rumba. There is also a section to the tinaja (clay pot), with
exercises, sounds and rhythms. All exercises use a meter (metronome) and are performed with guitar and vocals (cante).
At the end there is a performance by Carles Benavent, Jorge Pardo, Vicky Romero
and Nan Mercader.

The DVD is 70 minutes long and comes with information in 4 languages: Spanish,
English, Italian and French.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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