Trumpet Festival in Guca

Guca, Serbia – The annual Trumpet Festival in Guca (Serbia)
will be held August 1st – 7th, 2005. There will be 20 juniors’ orchestras and 20 seniors’ orchestras taking part in a competition. According to the rules of the Festival Competition, only orchestras from Serbia may participate in the competition. Foreign orchestras are only allowed to participate in the formal Parade that is a part of the program. Foreign orchestras submit their applications for taking part in the Festival during the year. The Festival organizers choose only one orchestra from each interested country and give them permission to participate. To date, the orchestras that have taken part in the Festival have been from: Germany, Hungary, Japan, Slovenia and USA. The final competition will be held on Sunday, August
7th. For the first time in the history of this Festival, this year the Festival will last seven days. Before that it had
only lasted only four days (Thursday through Sunday). A midnight concert will be held on Friday, August

About 500,000 people of varying ages visit the Festival in Guca. Among the foreign visitors
there have been individuals from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Poland, Macedonia,
and the USA.
People drink about 3 million liters of beer. There are
50 trailers that are 22 meters long full of svadbarki kupus – a national
dish. Over 250,000 servings of roast lamb & pork are eaten, as well as 300,000 kilos of
bread. It is also estimated that
50 million cigarettes are sold around (about 2,500,000 boxes) and every
morning, from 2 – 9 am eight street cleaning machines clean the small town of Guca.
Once the festival is over, Guca will be cleaned for a further period of 7 days.
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Author: bob 7