Smithsonian Folkways Recordings Releases Mexican Sones Huastecos

Washington (District of Columbia), USA – Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
has released El Ave de Mi Soñar: Mexican Sones Huastecos by the trio Los
Camperos de Valles and produced by Artemio Posadas.

Sones huastecos are festive, poetic songs marked by a melodic violin,
rhythmic guitar, and soaring vocals. El Ave de Mi Sonar: Mexican Sones Huastecos represents
music created by the rural people of northeast Mexico, singing of
nature, folk wisdom, and love. Vocals embellished with falsetto breaks
join driving guitar rhythms and hard-edged violin to create a musical
portrait of a vibrant mestizo culture. The trio’s two guitars are unique
to the region: a guitarra quinta, a deep-bodied guitar with eight
strings; and the smaller, five-stringed jarana huasteca, tuned higher
and played with rhythmic flourishes. The trio Los Camperos de Valles —
Marcos Hernandez (vocals, guitarra quinta), Gregorio “Goyo” Solano
(jarana huasteca), and Joel Monroy (vocals, violin) – have been top
interpreters of the son huasteco since the group’s founding in 1974. For
El Ave de Mi Sonar: Mexican Sones Huastecos,’ producer Artemio Posadas,
a musician and advocate of this music, wrote heart-rending new lyrics in
addition to the traditional “El Caballito.”

This album contains
extensive liner notes and track-by-track annotations in English and
Spanish by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings Director Daniel Sheehy, a
noted scholar of Latino music. ‘El Ave de Mi Sonar: Mexican Sones
Huastecos’ is part of Folkways Latino, an initiative of new
recordings. Folkways Latino will tie into the annual Smithsonian
Folklife Festival for the next three years.


El Ave de Mi Soñar

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