Flamenco Star Involved in Spanish Trial of the Year

Seville, Spain – Flamenco fans, the tabloid media and the general public are preparing for
Spain’s “Trial of the Year.” Flamenco dance sensation, Farruquito, is on trial
for a hit and run felony. He is charged with hitting and killing Benjamín Olalla,
age 35,
with his vehicle and fleeing the scene of the accident. It happened on September 30, 2003, next
to the San Pablo sports arena in
, Spain. According to witnesses,
the car was driving very fast and hit a pedestrian that was walking through a
marked street crossing. After the incident, the driver left the area without
stopping to aid the victim. Witnesses chased the driver towards Efeso street.
Mr. Olalla died a few minutes later at Virgen del Rocío hospital.Farruquito was released on a 140,000 euro bail. On March 27th of 2004 the
dancer confessed he was driving his BMW without a license and with no car
insurance. The
private prosecution is asking for 8 years in prison and 1 million euros in
compensating for the crimes of reckless homicide, failure to aid a victim (a
punishable offense in Spain),
false report and prompting to simulate a crime. The Seville district
attorney is asking for a 3.3 year term and 115,855 euros in compensation for the
widow, María Angeles Madero. In addition to the dancer, there are five other
persons accused of other crimes.

The Department of Justice of the Andalusian regional government will be providing a press room for the media. Over 100 reporters, representing the
national media, are expected to cover the trial.

Farruquito is one of the current stars of Flamenco dance. Some
say he is the best dancer currently. He is a handsome and elegant young Gypsy,
in his early twenties, the grandson of the legendary Antonio Montoya and Gypsy
patriarch El Farruco. He was born Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya in

, in 1982.

Farruquito spent his youth performing at tablaos (Flamenco nightclubs). At
age 12 he appeared in
(1995), the landmark film by Carlos Saura.
Farruquito specializes in traditional flamenco, using the time-honored
accompaniment of guitars, singers and palmas (hand clapping).

The flamenco star toured the United States recently as part of III
Festival Flamenco USA and was hailed by the US media as “one of he best
dancers of this century

Author: World Music Central News Department

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