New Compilation Featuring Burning Spear’s Greatest Hits

Burning Spear

Gold (Island B00004509 02, 2005)

Burning Spear
is one of the legendary names of roots reggae. His latest
release is a compilation entitled Gold, a double CD set. This reggae gem
features digitally remastered material from Universal Music’s vaults,
specifically some of the best recordings from the mid to late 70s.Burning Spear’s name comes from the African freedom fighter and Kenya’s first
head of state, Jomo Kenyatta, who was referred to as Burning Spear. The reggae
star is especially dedicated to preserving and exposing the teachings of Marcus
Garvey, who preached self-determination and self-reliance for all African

Reggae fans will recognize many of Burning Spear’s classic. Disc 1 includes: The
Invasion, Slavery Days, Marcus Garvey, Farther East Of Jack, Jordon River, Red,
Gold & Green, Black Wa-Da-Da, I And I Survive, Man In The Hills, Door Peep,
Cultivation, It’s Good, Lion Mother.

Disc 2 includes Dry & Heavy, Waiting, Throw Down Your Arms, Any River, Black
Disciples, Old Marcus Garvey – (live), Social Living – (Extended mix), Civilised
Reggae – (Extended mix), Come, Marcus Children Suffer, Institution, Hail H.I.M.,
Road Foggy, and Jah No Dead – (Rockers Soundtrack Version).


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