Shukar Collective, Technology Meets Ursari Tradition

San Francisco (California), USA – Urban Gypsy (Riverboat Records) is the new album from

Shukar Collective
, a talented group of musicians and producers who have
furthered the sound of ursari music and brought together traditional influences
with technology in faultless harmony.

Recorded and produced in Romania, the idea behind Urban Gypsy is to
re-orchestrate Shukar’s fabulous folkloric pieces with current technologies. The
aim is to preserve and emphasize tradition and develop ursari music for today. ‘Malademna’
is a track from the album that also has an accompanying music video.The Shukar Collective was born in Romania out of the meeting of new generation
musicians with the gypsy traditions of Shukar founders Napoleon, Tamango and
Clasic. Shukar play ursari music (ursar means ‘bear tamer’ or ‘bear handler’)

using spoons, wooden barrels or darbuka to create a powerful and urgent sound
that is at once emotional and soulful. Urban Gypsy combines Shukar’s
original ursari music with the new technology of the collective, resulting in
their distinct sound.


Urban Gypsy

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