Pioneer of Flamenco Piano Dies in Madrid

Madrid, Spain – Arturo Pavón, a pioneer in the use of piano in
Flamenco music died in Madrid on June 6. He was 74.

Years ahead of his time, Arturo Pavón used the piano to accompany well known
singers, such as his father-in-law, the Manolo Caracol.

Arturo Pavón was born in Seville (Spain) and grew up in a well known Flamenco
dynasty. He was the nephew of La Niña de los Peines and Tomás Pavón. His father
was a Flamenco singer and his mother, Eloisa Albéniz, ran a well known dance
school for over 50 years. For Many years, Arturo Pavón was involved with the well known Flamenco nightclub
(tablao) Los Canasteros in Madrid, owned by Manolo Caracol. After his
father-in-law’s death, Arturo Pavón became the venue’s manager.

Arturo Pavón leaves behind his wife, Luisa Ortega, and his 3 daughters, all of
whom are Flamenco artists: Salomé (singer), Jordana (dancer) and Soraya

Author: World Music Central News Department

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