The Music of Luís Delgado in Kingdom of Heaven

Madrid, Spain –
Two tracks “Balansiya” & “Epitafio,” from the CD

El sueño de Al-Zaqqaq
, by
, have been included
in the soundtrack of the new film by Ridley Scott, Kingdom of Heaven.
In a motion picture full of action like Kingdom of Heaven,
the voice of Serghini El Arabí sounds clear and majestic. It is heard
when the inhabitants of the already surrounded Jerusalem
were initiating the march into exile.
The singer intones the verses Al-Zaqqaq wrote
for his Epitaph in Valencia in the 12th century
when the events of the film take place:“Death, the inexorable law of humankind,
stole me from your side.
In it I preceded you,
but later it will not be long
before we are together again

Nearly at the end of the film, the sounds of the Andalusian ud appear,
recorded by Luis Delgado in “Balansiya”.
It´s the moment when the main actor, back home,
contemplating his forge reduced to ashes,
decides to initiate a new life.

Al-Zaqqaq is the first of a series of albums Luis Delgado
recorded for Nubenegra, inspired by the Arab-Andalusian
poetry between 11th and 13th century. The last one at the moment
is Tanger a double CD released in a lavish digipack. It was
recorded live at an old synagogue in the aforementioned town (Tangier).

Together with Luis there are three Moroccan and three Spanish musicians
touring together
and the seven are actually presenting Tanger
in theatres and festivals in Spain and Morocco.

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