A Tribute to One of the Great Arab Singers, Farid El Atrache

Los Angeles, California, USA – Take 5 Music
has released Tribute to Farid El Atrache. It was 30 years ago when his
beautiful music stopped. At that time the last songs were sung by the master
himself. As a tribute to his life and the joy he has given a world of romantics,
Take 5 Music has put
together an album of Farid El Atrache’s most famous work, with his words sung by
the ud he loved – for none can replace his voice. The recording was done in his homeland of Syria by a
group of young musicians, who have never had the pleasure of enjoying his music
while he was alive, but have all grown up with Farid El Atrache playing in their

The musicians involved are: Esam Rafae (ud); Naser
Morale, Natheer Moas, and Samer Jandale (violin); Rabi All (viola); Fadi Hattar
(cello); Asem Makarem (keyboards and arrangements); Fras Sharestan (qanun); and
Jamal Saka (percussion). Produced By: Steve Markarian.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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