Composition and orchestration in Transcultural Modal Music Seminar by Ross Daly

Houdetsi, Crete, Greece – Ross Daly will be teaching a musical
workshop called Composition & Orchestration in trans-cultural modal music as part of the Musical Workshop Labyrinth.
It will take place August 1-7 in Houdetsi, Crete (Greece).

In recent years great interest has been expressed in the possibilities of
cooperation between musicians belonging to various different modal musical
traditions. Even though this is nothing new in the world of modal music, the
challenges presented by the circumstances of the present day open up many
possibilities which perhaps never existed in previous ages. Ross Daly, the artistic director of Labyrinth and a renowned composer of
modal music with a deep grounding in various traditions, has devoted most of his
life to working in a creative way with musicians from a very broad range of
different backgrounds. In this seminar he intends to share the knowledge which
he has accumulated over the years as well as to assist students in experiments
and compositions of their own. Students playing any instrument suitable for
playing modal music will be welcome as the emphasis will be on the creative
interaction of the students between themselves and not on the technical aspects
of any given instrument.

The seminar costs 200 Euros and includes the fees for the seminar and 7-night
accommodation in the village of Houdetsi

Musical Workshop Labyrinth, Houdetsi, Crete, Greece. Phone/Fax: +30 2810 741027.

Author: kellythoma