Two Piece Acoustic Group Yachay Releases Sweet Mother Mercy

Yachay - Sweet Mother Mercy
Yachay – Sweet Mother Mercy
Two piece acoustic group Yachay announce the release of Sweet Mother Mercy, a tightly wrought 11 song album born of an unflinching passion for the Mother Planet. Sweet Mother Mercy is available for immediate purchase worldwide at their website,, or by phone at 1.800.289.6923.

Partial proceeds from the album benefit the children of the rain forest. Yachay came together through their shamanic work in the Peruvian Amazon. Much of their music carries their experiences of the powerful beauty and fragility of the natural world. ‘Just’ two people with an acoustic guitar and simple percussion, Yachay sing in English and Spanish, and present a thundering sonic attack that both defies musical categorization and transcends cultural borders.

Author: Kaza